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Brazhnikov & Partners — registration, support, consulting

02 апреля 2021 07:46 | Автор: pr45

Brazhnikov & Partners is one of the most successful corporate and commercial law firms in Cyprus. The company, headquartered in Limassol and a developed network of partners around the world, provides legal services to individuals and companies at the national and international levels in a wide range of industries, dealing with mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, joint ventures, intellectual property licensing. Provides consulting assistance in the creation and management of companies, as well as accompanies other business events.

Petr Brazhnikov and his firm successfully operate in the market of legal and consulting services. The skills and experience of its partners and employees in the use of modern technologies allow us to provide high quality and fast results.

The company's clients include multinational corporations, state-owned companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals.

Philosophy Brazhnikov & Partners

Over the years, a significant practical experience has been accumulated in the difficult economic conditions of growing global competition.

The debt, financial, budgetary and economic crisis that flared up in March 2013 on the island of Cyprus led to the paralysis of the country's banking system. About 30 billion euros in bank accounts were arrested and frozen. This made the whole world nervous, but the professionals of Brazhnikov & Partners, even against the background of such events, came out with dignity, defending the rights and interests of their clients.

In today's difficult business environment, only the energy, creativity and professionalism of Petr Brazhnikov's associates allow the clients of Brazhnikov & Partners to achieve their goals. The company's employees really value their customers and business partners, as well as their reputation and the country in which they live and work.

What Brazhnikov & Partners attorneys do

The main activities of the company include:

Registration of companies and creation of trusts in all major jurisdictions.

Full completion of the KYC (know your customer) procedure according to the most stringent requirements of the regulator, which implies identification of the client and the source of his liquidity.

Consulting services in conjunction with other consultants on international tax planning.

Consulting services with leading banking institutions regarding accounts and financing arrangements.

Full administration and management of companies, including the provision of registered and administrative offices, secretaries and directors, and the execution of all commercial activities, such as paying fees, resolving tax issues and communicating with authorities and authorities.

Services related to the administration of limited liability companies. Administrative services related to collective investment schemes.

Trust company management services for banks and other large financial institutions.

Brazhnikov & Partners lawyers represent the interests of their clients in all courts and arbitrations, both in Cyprus and abroad.

They have long and successfully dealt with all matters related to real estate in Cyprus, i.e. buying, selling, renting and inheriting real estate.

Brazhnikov & Partners lawyers also offer their services on any immigration or emigration issues, for example, obtaining a residence and work permit.

Petr Brazhnikov was able to create a successful law firm, which is responsible for the result to the client.

This inspires respect and trust in the lawyers of Brazhnikov & Partners.

Какие компании из рейтинга Forbes предлагают работу в Иркутске ‒ исследование ГородРабот.ру

14 октября 2020 11:14 | Автор: pr45

Какие компании из первой десятки лучших российских работодателей приглашают на работу в Иркутске и какие вакансии предлагают.

фото: Какие компании из рейтинга Forbes предлагают работу в Иркутске ‒ исследование ГородРабот.ру 

Специалисты системы поиска вакансий ГородРабот.ру проанализировали рынок труда в Иркутске и выяснили ‒ какие компании из списка лучших работодателей России предлагают работу жителям города.

Какие работодатели из списка Forbes предлагают вакансии в Иркутске

12 октября 2020 года на ГородРабот.ру ‒ 13 906 вакансий в Иркутске.

Из десяти лидеров рейтинга лучших работодателей России по версии Forbes за 2019 год на портале ГородРабот.ру в Иркутске представлены восемь компаний:

  • ПАО ГМК Норильский никель ‒ открыто 5 вакансий;
  • ПАО Полюс ‒ 18 вакансий;
  • АО Газпромбанк ‒ 2 вакансии;
  • ООО Яндекс ‒ 28 вакансий;
  • Polymetal International plc (Полиметалл) ‒ 8 вакансий;
  • ПАО Банк ВТБ ‒ 11 вакансий;
  • ПАО Сбербанк России ‒ 3 вакансии;
  • ПАО Газпром ‒ 3 вакансии. 

Каких специалистов приглашают компании из списка Forbes в Иркутске

Норильский никель приглашает охранников, инженера-сметчика, начальника отдела подбора и адаптации персонала.

Полюс ищет квалифицированных рабочих, геодезиста, диспетчера, специалиста по лесовосстановлению.

Газпромбанк предлагает работу менеджеру по сопровождению лизинговых сделок и главному эксперту по зарплатным проектам.

Яндекс ищет водителей такси, курьеров, менеджеров по продажам, модераторов, специалиста техподдержки, оператора колл-центра, переводчиков.

Полиметалл приглашает главного бухгалтера, горного инженера, водителей.

Банк ВТБ предлагает вакансии для клиентского менеджера, администратора, кассира, главного кредитного аналитика, специалиста отдела юридической поддержки.

Сбербанк России приглашает менеджеров по продажам, специалиста, старшего специалиста по взысканию задолженности.

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